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Shell voicings piano pdf

• Range of Voicing: D below middle C up to C# one octave above middle C • Mark Davis' Guideline: • For voicings with the 3rd on the bottom followed by the 7th, add the 9th on top (options of #9 and b9 for dominant chords). For a 4th note, add the 5th above. • For voicings with the 7th on the bottom followed by the 3rd, add the 5th on.

1. Determine the basic chord sound for each chord. 2. If the root motion moves by perfect 4th or perfect 5th, resolve chord tone 3 in the first chord to chord tone 7 of the second, and chord tone 7 in the first chord to 3 in the second, as shown in the following examples.

I dedicate this book to my wife Claudia because, as a singer, she not only appreciates her pianist but good piano voicings as well. Finally, I would like to wish much fun and success working.

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2012. 7. 11. · octave. This is particularly effective with rootless voicings for seventh chords. o e.g. a drop 2 voicing for D∆7 would be C#-F#-B-E • Play the bottom two notes with your left hand,. If you learn chord shell voicings, you will have a quicker path to playing the chords on guitar or piano, because you'd only have to find 3 notes per chord. The chords in the Donna Lee chart posted above, for example can be learned much more quickly as shell voicings.

The example below shows how these shell voicings look with each of the three main chord types; major 7 th, dominant 7 th and a minor 7 th chord. Notice that there is two ways for each chord type to be played on the middle strings, and the notes are just reversed for each one. Practice shell voicings in all 12 keys across the neck and remember.

Bud Powell Chord Voicings consist of: The root note; and Either the 3rd, 6th, 7th or 10th (a 3rd but an octave higher). As an example, let's take a II-V-I in C and play it using Bud Powell Chord Voicings (below). Chord Ambiguity Because we are omitting notes each individual chord is ambiguous.

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